Saturday, 6 December 2014

Somewhere in Rotterdam

Jacket New Yorker, Sweater H&M, High waisted leggings H&M, Boots Primark, Necklace Forever21, Rings Primark, Bag Duifhuizen

Hi dearest,

My Gosh the week went by so quickly. I was planning on shooting another video, but time slipped through my hand. I will probably upload another video next week.

The end of this semester is fast approaching and I am becoming pretty nervous about next semester (6 months until graduation).  I really want to do a master education, but there is one thing…In the Netherlands there is a new regulation that we need to borrow money in order to study. I do not get the point of this and I will probably never understand. This new regulation is not motivating people to earn a degree…instead it is pushing people into debts. In the long-term the GDP of the country will fall, since the purchasing power of consumers will drop because they are paying back their loans. Of course, there are other mechanisms in the market which brings it back to equilibrium.  I really do not want to borrow money, since I do not want to end up in a spiral. Later in life I will have more costs; hopefully I will have an apartment and even a family. I want to buy necessities without worrying too much about my financials.  

I acknowledge that I need to make a trade off if I want to earn a master degree. Luckily, I have six months to think about this.

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