Friday, 4 April 2014

UGGS and maxidresses, who cares

Cardigan New Yorker, Maxi dress Forever21, boots UGGS

Hi dearest,

I am so tired, lots of school stuff going on here. The longer I stay in Chico the more I learn over here. About other cultures, my own values and how lucky I actually am for having the things I have at the moment. Within a couple of weeks I am heading to San Francisco with my culture class, so I will even get to know more things.
I am living the life of a college student. However, I feel it is somewhat different for me since I am an international. The reason why I started appreciates things more is because I looked at my surroundings and I started observing. During my trip in Los Angeles I have seen a homeless woman putting blankets on her seat, because she did not want to make it dirty.  She was so embarrassed, I could tell because of her body language. She was looking at her lab, looking outside and trying to prevent eye contact with others.  As soon as the bus reached her stop, she grabbed her blankets immediately and got out the bus as soon as she could. When I arrived here I saw a homeless person and during the introduction days someone asked if they were dangerous. One of my professors answered to not judge them, because we do not know how they ended up in that situation.  It must be terrible, losing your job, your house, maybe even your family and ending up in a situation like that.
I am changing. I am become more mature and maybe even more stubborn. Living alone in a foreign country made me keep an eye on my spending. In the past I just to shop a lot, like a real shopaholic. When I want to Sacramento I realized that it was not acceptable anymore. Fashion is really my passion, I love it, but I need to put my primary necessities first. So I did. During this whole experience, I discovered that I am a person who is difficult. I am direct, stubborn and in certain circumstances I just refuse to change my opinion. I would only change it when I start seeing and realizing things. Only a couple of weeks to go and I will see them again, my family and friends.

Honestly, I cannot wait to hug and laugh with you guys.

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  1. You always look great and you are a true fashionista! Beautiful bessie <3