Saturday, 29 March 2014

The tiger shirt

 Hi dearest,

I have been feeling so tired after my trip to Los Angeles, because I barely slept. Consequently I have been sleeping like a baby the last couple of days. As time is going on much faster, I started realizing that I am going back home within approximately five weeks. This also means that the finals are coming and that I have to focus even more on school. Before the finals I will go to San Francisco with my culture class in order to cross the Golden Gate Bridge, head down to China town and go to the beach. Sounds like lots of fun huh?

About the outfit: The sunglasses are from Forever21…Before buying these I fell in love with RayBans which were similar like these but did not had the golden detail in it. I got the tiger shirt from my girl Samreen and she bought it at ZARA. The blouse is from ONLY and it is really a must have! I wear it as a dress and sometimes as a coat. The leggings are from H&M and the shoes are Nike Freerunners.

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