Tuesday, 22 April 2014

San Francisco

Hi dearest,

My trip to San Francisco was great! The city has such an amazing atmosphere, the people are very friendly, happy and open. When we were sitting in the tour bus some of them were waving to us. We visited Chinatown, Alcatraz, The Golden Gate Bridge, Haight Ashbury, the Fishermans Warf and the pier. Also, we attended the Cherry blossom parade and the earth day celebration. The Cherry Blossom parade was about the Japenese culture and I still do not know what Earth day celebration is about. There was awesome music, lots of free samples and people were selling beautiful jewelry. It was pretty cold and I was so smart to bring only one sweater and bring only summer clothing with me. But that is all okay, because I bought myself a beautiful sweater and a handmade shawl.

We got a tour in China town and honestly our tour guide was annoying. I felt like she was making fun of her culture in order to make some money. On the other hand, we got to know some interesting facts about the Chinese culture. For example, they buy things in certain stores in order to give it to their beloved ones who died. By buying for example a house made out of paper or shoes, their beloved ones will receive it in the ‘spirit’ world. Yes, I know I cannot explain things well.

Alcatraz was my favorite part of the trip. Alcatraz is a federal prison on an island. We had to take a boat in order to get there (of course). When we arrived there we had to walk up some hills (Damn, they were pretty steep) and in the prison we got some headsets. We heard some former prisoners through the headsets and they were actually giving us an audio tour.

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