Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Cardigan Forever21, Maxi H&M, Necklace H&M, colorful bracelet earth day celebration

Hi dearest,

Do you know that feeling of being jetlagged, even though you had a small trip? That is how I have been feeling all day. My friend even had to laugh when he saw my face (tiny eyes, a frown and a moody facial expression). Being on exchanged really made me much more mature. For example, before coming here I did not even know to do my own laundry or prepare a healthy dish, because I was relying on my mother all the time. Now I cannot imagine myself not cooking anymore, I seriously love experimenting in the kitchen. Oh I am in love with the candy over here and of course the shops. Whenever I enter a clothing store it feels like I am in heaven!

About my outfit: I bought this maxi about four years ago at H&M...it will proably be a vintage dress for my little cousins. I combined it with my favorite cardigan, which is the yellow fluffy cardigan from Forever21. I decided to not care about the colors of my accessories. So I had worn this neon necklace from H&M and some bracelets which I bought in San Francisco.

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