Tuesday, 18 November 2014

In a hurry

Trenchcoat NewYorker, Top Forever21, Dungarees H&M, Bag Sacha, Shoes Unknown, Jewelry Ebay

Hi dearest,

I am so so so happy, because I finally bought a camera which enables me to record as well. Now I can finally make haul videos and outfit videos as well. So I think I will remain very happy this week haha.

About the look of today, do you know those days that you doubt so much about what to wear and at the end you decide just to wear something completely different? Well that was my situation this morning. The top is actually a tunic, but I liked the way it was matching my dungarees…so I changed it into a top.  Thereafter, I was having troubles with the shoes; My wardrobe basically only consists of sneakers, boots, a few flats and some high heels. Yesterday I wore heels and today my feet were begging me to wear comfortable shoes. I just grabbed these shoes before leaving…without thinking twice about it. Luckily, I ended up being happy with my choice.