Friday, 10 October 2014

The leather look

 Jacket H&M, Pullover H&M, Skirt NELLY, Boots Unknown

Hi dearest,

As it is getting colder, I am layering up more, more and more. Until now I have bought my winter/fall must haves. Thus I am ready to enjoy this fall! I will probably add some more things to my wish list by Christmas. 

About my outfit: I bought this fake leather skirt a couple of months ago at for a fair price. Until July I have been searching for a leather skirt as crazy and when I found it a I was having my doubts. Firstly, I had bad experiences before with the web shop. Also, I did not know if the skirt would fit me (one of the main disadvantages of buying clothes at webshops). I decided to give it a try and  am really happy now with the customer service of Nelly and this skirt.
I decided to wear this skirt with a fluffy, oversized pullover. In order to keep this look 'mature' I decided to wear these boots. As you may have noticed I barely wear heels and I am trying to change this pattern for my future career. However, for the moment I will keep enjoying my sneakers!

Enjoy your weekend!

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