Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The overknees

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Hi dearest,
A couple of weeks ago Devri, from naturallycurly.com, approached me for an interview. I was so excited and happy, I really did not expect that I would ever experience this. Thank you Devri!

I have to admit that I feel naked when I do not wear any jewelry. When I was little I loved seeing people with henna tattoo's on their hand. I started drawing things on my hand with a black marker. You can probably imagen how mad my mother was when she saw it. In high school I started buying jewelry, because I always had the urge to 'decorate' my hands. Nevertheless, at the age of 19 I decided to put a tattoo on my hand and wrist. Every star represents my beloved ones. I was so proud of it that I started wearing less jewelry. However, when I was in America I realized how much I was missing my accessories. So now the jewelry fever started again! Speaking of America, my friends started college and when I was looking at the pictures of Chico, California I felt so weird for a while. I miss the Cali vibe, crop tops and high-waisted hot pants. I am sure that I will go to America in the future!

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