Monday, 6 January 2014

Black Soap review

Hi dearest!

First of all, I wish you all an amazing New Year, may all your wishes come true! Do you want to do things better this year? A healthier lifestyle? Improving your social networks? I want to live healthier and I already started in 2013 actually. I realized that I had to drink much more water and use natural hair products.  Since I am in the transitioning process, I have to take better care of my hair. So if you are interested, follow my journey on this blog (I will also write about fashion and share my photographs)

During summer 2013 I read lots of positive reviews about Black Soap. However, I just postponed buying it. In November I got the news that I was accepted at (A Dutch website focused on women) to write articles and I decided to write a review about the soap.

I have to admit that I noticed results after a couple of weeks. Normally, I would have pimples and blackheads around my period. However, I only had a few pimples and blackheads in December. Isn’t this awesome?

So, what does black soap looks like?

When buying the soap, it is important to know that the soap is not actually pitch black. If it is, then it is made black by adding chemicals. Natural black soap is brown, because it does not only consist of burned leaves, barks and peels of bananas. But it also contains sheabutter, which makes the soap brighter.

Nonetheless, there is a negative side of black soap. The soap consists of a high amount of glycerine which makes the inner layers of your skin dry while moisturizing only the epidermis. Therefore, it is recommended to vary the black soap with another soap. 

Thank you for reading!

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