Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Hello there dearest,

How have your day been? Hope you had a day full of awesomeness. I was having a great day and I have no idea why I felt so happy, besides the fact that I am blessed by having the life I have. Maybe I was extra happy because of the weather or because of having a funny Facetime conversation with my mother (Who by the way misses my sillyness a lot).

But enough about my mood today, let me tell you something about my outfit. I got this cropped top from Forever21 when I was doing some shopping in Hollywood (Oh that sounds so fancy!). I got the neon green skirt from Forever21…when I was shopping in Hollywood as well. I think neon makes dark skin colour pop out and I really love that effect. I combined the outfit with Nike frees and I tied my denim blouse around my waist. Tying up a blouse around your waist makes your hips look smaller. However, I was not doing this for that purpose I wearing my blouses like that. By the way, I was not doing the robot dance on the last picture my friend took unexpectedly the picture. 

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