Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Whatever man

Hi dearest,

You will probably notice that I love black. This is a picture which I have taken a while ago, but I did not have the time to post this.

Back in Holland I bought the ‘Whatever’ shirt. I immediately fell in love with it when being in the H&M store. If I did not forget my leather pants back home I would combine those two. But I just combined it with my black leggings from ONLY. What I love about ONLY is that they sell clothing for tall women as well. It is so difficult sometimes to find the right pair of leggings when you are as tall as I am. I bought the skull leather jacket at H&M as well. My friend Samreen showed it to me and kept on saying that I really need to buy it. Afterwards I am not sorry at all!

I would wear those shoes to have a kind of ‘color bomb’ in my outfit. 

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