Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Color love

Cardigan ONLY, Scarf/Poncho Earthday San Francisco, Skirt H&M, Shoes H&M, Bag Sacha

Hi dearest,

Firstly, I want to wish you an amazing week!
Last week all my days were awesome: I got a positive mid-term appraisal, my projects were going well and above all I realised that I took a great decision which was not giving up on applying for a job within Unilever. I found out that the company usually does not hire interns for the position, so I was an exception. They told me that they are happy with their choice since we all are satisfied with the current situation. 

About the outfit, today I decided to match different colors as well as prints. In the past I used to be very picky when it comes to matching different types of prints. But lately I feel like a creative soul. This results in outfits which would be out of the comfortzone for the 'old me'. I remember that I had all the ideas in my head but I did not execute them because I just did not dare. As I said that was the old me, currently I execute my ideas and this makes me happy.


  1. Wat een gave outfit! Die kleuren staan je echt prachtig, leuke blog heb je ook! Ik volg je nu via bloglovin! XO

    1. Hoi Inge!
      Dankjewel :) Zoals ik op instagram heb gezegd ben ik helemaal weg van jouw blog!