Friday, 14 February 2014


Hi dearest,

O gosh, I have been so busy lately! I did not really had time to blog and I wanted to do it so badly. In my next post I will share all my experiences about Chico, California. This post will just be my outfit of today post.

I am in love with these Nike sneakers, they are so comfy and flamboyant. At first I thought it was very difficult to combine them with specific type of clothing, because it was often a mismatch. Then I just found out that not caring about matching is often a good choice.

I combined the legging with a black singlet and a black cardigan with leather detail on the sleeves. I got them both from New Yorker. I bought the legging at H&M just before moving to Chico. I like the grey details on it, because it makes a basic shirt or sweater less boring. I got the purse from Forever21 and it is currently the only purse I will use for the next three months till I go back to the Netherlands. 


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